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Spinach Balls

Spinach balls are a Christmas tradition started by my mom. I remember her making these ahead of the holidays, freezing them and then serving as an appetizer on Christmas day. Of course as a kid, I wouldn’t touch them as I was a typical anti-spinach kid. But, I bet if I had given them a go I would have been surprised as I’ve found that even spinach haters enjoy these! I’ve adopted this Christmas tradition, making these once a year…


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Kale, Spinach and Blueberry Smoothie

I know, I know, EVERYONE is into smoothie making and juicing and has heard of, researched, or tried a smoothie diet or juice cleanse. My will power is not strong enough for feats that extreme — a juice cleanse includes a once a week burrito and wine, right? I believe in a balanced diet. This means part hamburgers, part brussels sprouts, part baguettes and part green (or purple) smoothies. Here’s why smoothies are part of my balance:

Kale shake ingredients

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