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Lahmejoun (Armenian Pizza)

My husband’s family is Armenian and before I met him I’d never had food like lamb, shish kabob, stuffed grape leaves or eggplant (outside of eggplant parmesan). Good thing I married into this heritage because I’ve fallen in love with his family’s cooking! This recipe, lahmejoun, is a family favorite and is essentially Armenian pizza. Lahmejoun is great sliced up as appetizers, wrapped with greens for lunch or just a snack.  My husband’s mom and grandma always have some in the freezer. At every family gathering (even after a GIANT meal) the lahmejoun is pulled out of the freezer and all the cousins go for round two. It’s become a comfort food to me that I’ve introduced to friends and family who are now also in love. Seriously, some regularly ask when I’m going to make it again!


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Pulled Chicken Sliders

I’ve been known to skip out on super bowl parties to instead enjoy a quiet night by myself. I know, crazy sounding for a native New Englander where everyone lives and breaths all things Patriots and Red Sox! This year I got into the spirit, which for me means making a big batch of pulled chicken to share with everyone. I originally found this recipe years ago, and have perfected my own crock pot version that anyone can conquer…


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Pistachio Brownie Thins

It’s not the holidays until we overindulge in just about everything. You know….more mashed potatoes please, cheers to another cocktail and I’ll try one of each dessert options (of course).  To get in the spirit, here’s a simple cookie recipe that I’ve made a holiday tradition. These pistachio brownie thins are the perfect combo of sweet and salty!


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