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Spinach Balls

Spinach balls are a Christmas tradition started by my mom. I remember her making these ahead of the holidays, freezing them and then serving as an appetizer on Christmas day. Of course as a kid, I wouldn’t touch them I was a typical anti-spinach kid. But, I bet if I had given them a go I would have been surprised. I’ve found that even spinach haters enjoy these! I’ve adopted the tradition too, making these once a year…


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Sparkling Smoky Quartz Crystal

A few years ago, I bought a bunch of amazing gemstone beads at a pretty good sale. Since then, I’ve been THINKING about the perfect designs, but haven’t gotten around to doing much. The other day, I was feeling inspired and finally put a few ideas to work…


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Christmas Around the World

The holiday season is our favorite time of the year to travel – we love jetting away right after Thanksgiving. It’s a time for just us where we have nothing to do but be tourists before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season at home. We’ve grown to love experiencing different places and cultures in festive mode!

I was sorting through old photos and here are some of my favorites….


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Pistachio Brownie Thins

It’s not the holidays until we overindulge in just about everything. You know….more mashed potatoes please, cheers to another cocktail and I’ll try one of each dessert options (of course).  To get in the spirit, here’s a simple cookie recipe that I’ve made a holiday tradition. These pistachio brownie thins are the perfect combo of sweet and salty!


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Traveling is the best! Whether a far away destination or a closer weekend trip, exploring somewhere new is just fun. This past December my husband and I visited Peru, our first time in South America. We explored Lima, Cusco and Aguas Calientes. I’m sharing some tips, pics and highlights!


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DIY: Natural Facial Wash & Favorite Hair & Skin Products

Years ago, I took a moment to read the ingredients on some of the beauty products I use. The lists were long and full of words I couldn’t pronounce. I looked up a few, but quickly abandoned research figuring I was better off not knowing. Why pump your body full of ALL those unpronounceable words when there are other simple options?


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Chickpea Cakes

A few months ago I decided to stop eating meat during lunch. I’m not sure what prompted this decision, but assumed it would be one of my many crazy experiments that I’d abandon after a few days as a result of feeling starved while dreaming of burritos with my head on my desk. Instead, I’ve actually had more energy and that 2pm coffee craving has subsided (sorry, coffee). These chickpea cakes have become one of my meatless lunch staples. I often make a big batch and freeze them…

chickepea cake ingredients

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