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Salmon Burgers

I love to cook, but admit that my weeknight menus can become stale. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut, relying on your tried and true prep methods! Before you know it you’re unintentionally having turkey tip Mondays, grilled chicken salad Tuesdays and home-made pizza Wednesdays. Just this happened in our house a few weeks ago. When I told my husband salmon was the dinner plan (which means simple broiled salmon)  I came home to an enthusiastic suggestion of “let’s try making salmon burgers!” He’d even done some research and was ready to lead the charge. We’ve made them several times since, modifying the recipe until we got it just right. So, here’s my husband’s salmon burger recipe–super easy for weeknights and perfect for grilling…

IMG_0663 (1)

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Main Dishes

Pulled Chicken Sliders

I’ve been known to skip out on super bowl parties to instead enjoy a quiet night by myself. I know, crazy sounding for a native New Englander where everyone lives and breaths all things Patriots and Red Sox! This year I got into the spirit, which for me means making a big batch of pulled chicken to share with everyone. I originally found this recipe years ago, and have perfected my own  crock pot version that anyone can conquer…


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Chickpea Cakes

A few months ago I decided to stop eating meat during lunch. I’m not sure what prompted this decision, but assumed it would be one of my many crazy experiments that I’d abandon after a few days as a result of feeling starved while dreaming of burritos with my head on my desk. Instead, I’ve actually had more energy and that 2pm coffee craving has subsided (sorry, coffee). These chickpea cakes have become one of my meatless lunch staples. I often make a big batch and freeze them…

chickepea cake ingredients

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Like my Chicken au Champagne recipe, we’ve been eating A LOT of bolognese this winter as I’ve been working to perfect the recipe…really just an excuse to eat more bolognese! My obsession started with one of the first blizzards we had in Boston. I mean, pasta with bolognese  is a pretty perfect blizzard meal. I was determined to make a healthier version and am thrilled with where I ended up…

Bolognese Ingredients

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Main Dishes

Chicken au Champagne

One night, shortly after New Years, I found myself googling “cooking with champagne”. I think part of me was holding on to the holiday spirit and part of me just wanted a reason to drink champagne. I mean, what’s better than a recipe that calls for champagne? You really can’t let the rest of the bottle go to waste, and should enjoy it while cooking.

I came across Chicken au Champagne and have made this dish twice, tweaking with my own modifications.

champagne au chicken ingredients

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