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Veggie Tian

This is one of those super easy recipes that goes with anything during any season. I love this side dish during the Winter with roasts and pork. During the Summer, I enjoy this as the veggie side accompanying a lobster dinner (come on summer, I can’t wait). Or, I make a big batch over the weekend and scoop the veggies into kale salads for work lunches during the week. And, the finished product is full of vibrant colors and just pretty, making a great addition to any dinner table….


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DIY: Natural Facial Wash & Favorite Hair & Skin Products

Years ago, I took a moment to read the ingredients on some of the beauty products I use. The lists were long and full of words I couldn’t pronounce. I looked up a few, but quickly abandoned research figuring I was better off not knowing. Why pump your body full of ALL those unpronounceable words when there are other simple options?


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Reupholster an Ottoman

l love giving things a make over, it’s such a sense of accomplishment when it all works out! We inherited this little ottoman. While I wasn’t in love with it’s looks, I figured it was worth taking because it doubles as storage and I love creating the illusion of a clutter free house. Just don’t open any closets, cabinets or ottomans. Reupholstering a piece like this is pretty simple….

ottoman tools

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DIY Felt Flowers

This post was inspired by a friend of mine. Last year, around this time, we had a craft night. We were really sick of the winter and wanted to make something cheery and spring like. We came back from the craft store with rustic wreath frames, flower wrapping wire and a bunch of felt. We ended up with cute wreaths covered with bursts of felt flowers.

The felt flowers are super easy to make, super versatile and look pretty impressive for something that only take minutes of your time. And, today is Valentine’s Day…these are the Valentine’s flowers that will last forever!

felt flower materials

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