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Lahmejoun (Armenian Pizza)

My husband’s family is Armenian and before I met him I’d never had food like lamb, shish kabob, stuffed grape leaves or eggplant (outside of eggplant parmesan). Good thing I married into this heritage because I’ve fallen in love with his family’s cooking! This recipe, lahmejoun, is a family favorite and is essentially Armenian pizza. Lahmejoun is great sliced up as appetizers, wrapped with greens for lunch or just a snack.  My husband’s mom and grandma always have some in the freezer. At every family gathering (even after a GIANT meal) the lahmejoun is pulled out of the freezer and all the cousins go for round two. It’s become a comfort food to me that I’ve introduced to friends and family who are now also in love. Seriously, some regularly ask when I’m going to make it again!


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Spinach Balls

Spinach balls are a Christmas tradition started by my mom. I remember her making these ahead of the holidays, freezing them and then serving as an appetizer on Christmas day. Of course as a kid, I wouldn’t touch them as I was a typical anti-spinach kid. But, I bet if I had given them a go I would have been surprised as I’ve found that even spinach haters enjoy these! I’ve adopted this Christmas tradition, making these once a year…


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Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

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Yesterday was the Super Bowl and an exciting and crazy win for the Patriots! Today, a good chunk of New England is snowed in as we get slammed with another foot of snow (two feet already on the ground just wasn’t enough). What this means for many New Englanders is that we got to stay up later than normal on a school night to celebrate — knowing that we’d wake up to a snow day. Well executed, snow!

Snacking is important while watching football. After searching around, I cobbled together this recipe for buffalo chicken meatballs, adding and subbing healthy elements. It’s  a keeper! A tasty Super Bowl snack that won’t give you a heart attack.


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