Hello and Welcome!

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I’m Court and this is where I plan to capture and share things I love. What do I love? Baguettes, clearance shopping, cooking, morning coffee, beads, organizing, projects (aka making giant messes), pajamas, writing and then misplacing to do lists (it’s the effort that counts, right?) and visiting new places.

That would all make a pretty crazy blog. So, I’m focusing on a few areas:

  1. Cooking, which I love to do after work to unwind and to bring people together. A healthy diet is important to me, but I don’t believe in counting calories, trend diets or giving up foods I love because they’re “bad”. I believe in balance and in healthy substitutes that won’t sacrifice taste, but will make a giant nutritional difference. My cooking experiments involve cobbling together and customizing recipes to achieve the perfect balance.
  2. Projects. By projects I mean anything from making jewelry, to sewing, to building something, to home improvement, to crafting, to trying to make my own beauty products. Every day, there are a million projects swirling around my head and in various stages around the house. Success really isn’t always a requirement, but putting the effort in is.
  3. Travel. My husband and I love to explore new places as much as possible. We’ve been lucky to take some amazing trips together and I’ll share highlights here.

Please enjoy and say hi!


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