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Sparkling Smoky Quartz Crystal

A few years ago, I bought a bunch of amazing gemstone beads at a pretty good sale. Since then, I’ve been THINKING about the perfect designs, but haven’t gotten around to doing much. The other day, I was feeling inspired and finally put a few ideas to work…


These small smokey quartz crystal beads have some pretty major sparkle. I love the simplicity of this piece and how the chain is looped through the bead strands, eliminating hardware like jump rings. The three loops of quartz crystal are designed to hang freely and can be adjusted by bringing the two sides of the chain closer together or further apart, creating different looks.


I’ve been wearing it as an everyday necklace and I think it’d be great dressed up too!


I’ve never formerly learned the basics of photography, but photographing jewelry has inspired me to look into a class! Capturing glass and sparkling beads is super challenging. There are so many factors to work around and consider. You think you have the perfect light, but the light on the beads results in many blurry (and just bad) photos. I always have to take an embarrassing amount of photos to get a handful of good ones. I’m pretty happy with how these turned out!

From the same sale, I also made this smoky quartz crystal pendant necklace and this lemon quartz crystal and rose quartz cluster necklace, that inspired the amethyst necklaces for a bridal party pictured on my Etsy blog page.



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