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Christmas Around the World

The holiday season is our favorite time of the year to travel – we love jetting away right after Thanksgiving. It’s a time for just us where we have nothing to do but be tourists before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season at home. We’ve grown to love experiencing different places and cultures in festive mode!

I was sorting through old photos and here are some of my favorites….



I think I was actually meant to live in London! We stumbled upon “Santacon” in Trafalger Square, which happens every year the weekend after Thanksgiving. Thousands gather sporting their Father Christmas best. There’s carolling, brussels sprout throwing (aimed at those not dressed up) and pub crawling . A whole lot of merriment and a super fun tradition!


Cozy pubs decked out are the best.


Regent Street in London has some of the most spectacular outdoor holiday decor and light displays. So fun to walk down and take in during an evening stroll.



We fell in love with Hawaii and it’s on our list to visit again. Being New Englanders, we were in awe of the Christmas cheer paired with days of surfing, lounging on the beach and outdoor dining!

These photos were taken in Honolulu along Waikiki Beach.




Disney World!

We’ve been to Disney World too many times to count. I’m not as much of a Disney fanatic as my husband, but am amazed by how Disney captures you in their little world. We’ve visited during all seasons and there’s always something different to experience. Christmas adds a little extra magic!


This is the Animal Kingdom tree.


A festive Donald Duck in Epcot.



Some places haven’t had as much festive decor, like Peru (and Morocco). This shot is an outdoor mall in Lima. The landscape of Lima was so beautiful and interesting, surrounded by water and mountains. After Lima we visited Machu Picchu (amazing Inca Trail hike) and Aguas Calientes. Both are MUCH more rural and the holidays were not a part of the day to day culture. But, who needs holiday decor when you’re surrounded by breathtaking views? You can check out my Peru post for details.


We didn’t travel anywhere this December because we had so many summer and fall destination weddings. But, I’m already thinking about next year!



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