DIY Felt Flowers

This post was inspired by a friend of mine. Last year, around this time, we had a craft night. We were really sick of the winter and wanted to make something cheery and spring like. We came back from the craft store with rustic wreath frames, flower wrapping wire and a bunch of felt. We ended up with cute wreaths covered with bursts of felt flowers.

The felt flowers are super easy to make, super versatile and look pretty impressive for something that only take minutes of your time. And, today is Valentine’s Day…these are the Valentine’s flowers that will last forever!

felt flower materials

What You Need:

  • Sheets of felt in any colors you like – good to have green for leaves
  • Thread and needle (or glue gun instead)
  • Chalk
  • Scissors

What You Do:

1) Select a color for your flower, and find something circular in shape to trace. A bowl works, a DVD…anything. The size of the circle will dictate the size of the flower. Using chalk, trace a circle onto the felt sheet.

felt flower pattern

2) Cut out the circle. Then, starting at a point on the outer edge, cut around the circle making a spiral. Don’t get intimidated by this part, it doesn’t need to be perfect, just go for it!

felt cut into spiral

3) Starting in the middle of the spiral, start wrapping the felt around itself. You can see mine started below…keep going until you get to the end.

Note: If you’re using a glue gun instead of thread, you can put a drop of glue every now and then as you wrap to hold the flower together. If you’re using a needle and thread, keep wrapping, you’ll add a few stitches at the end.

wrapping felt

4) When you get to the end, turn the flower over and make a few loose stitches from end to end to secure. Or, put a last drop of glue with your glue gun.

stich through

5) If you want to add leaves, cut leaf shapes from the green felt. I just free formed this, but you can sketch out with chalk or find something to trace.

felt leaves

6) Sew or glue the leaves to the back. I puckered them in the middle to create a curved effect. I don’t worry about the visible stitching on the back. I’m usually attaching the flower to something so you won’t see the stitching.

attach leaves

7) Voila!

felt flower

8) For a different type of flower, cut out another circle. But, when you cut the spiral, cut in and out to create a scalloped edge. Again, don’t be intimidated by this, just go for it!

From here, do the same by wrapping and securing.

spiral felt flower pattern

Here’s the two different flowers. Both really simple and pretty.

felt flowers

They’re great for making a gift extra special!

flower on gift

Best part about these felt flowers
is you can be as creative as you like using different colors, materials, shapes. AND, even someone who isn’t very crafty can do this. Another friend of mine who just isn’t very crafty even found success!


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